Core Making

There is a sand reclamation plant to suit every metalcasting facility requirement and budget. Chris Wilding, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd., Peterborough, U.K. Today’s chemically-bonded sand metalcasting facilities are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and their impact on the environment while improving and maintaining casting quality. One of the ways […]

Sand Reclamation for Chemically Bonded Sand Systems

from Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Wintgens, Schopfheim Overview For about 10 years we are expieriencing a renaissance of inorganic core sand binders due to environmental issues and the actual advantages in the foundry process. Modern inorganic binder systems have compared to conventional CO2 hardening systems a different hardness reaction. The Hardness reaction […]

Adapted machine technology for core production using inorganic binder

On March 1st 2012, IMF celebrated their 40th year anniversary. The company was founded by President Gabriele Galante in 1972 and is now known all over the world for its high technological advancements and reputation with the most important foundry groups. IMF has greatly expanded its manufacturing program, thanks to the collaboration […]

40 Years Anniversary for IMF Group