Sand Reclamation

Metal casters continually strive to produce the highest quality castings at the lowest competitive cost. Unfortunately, they have little control of the cost of the required materials. Molding materials such as chromite, zircon and mullite all exhibit low expansion, leading to few casting defects related to expansion and better dimensional […]

Using Specialty Sand Blends to Reduce Veining Defects

Indumil, Industria Militar de Colombia, Department of Colombia National Defense, will expand its foundry to include nobake production of sand molds and a fully integrated sand reclamation system in Colombia, South America. The company will add high speed sand mixers, sand reclamation, compaction tables, pneumatic transporters, powder feeders, mold spray […]

Indumil to Expand in South America

There is a sand reclamation plant to suit every metalcasting facility’s requirement and budget. Chris Wilding, Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd. . Today’s foundry using one of the many chemically bonded sand systems is under increasing pressure to reduce costs, reduce it’s impact on the environment but at the same time […]

Why Reclaim?